Consultations in technology are available for phones, tablets like iPads, desktop and laptop personal computers, printers, software, applications, photo organization, scanning, and just about any technology device or program that frustrates you. If you are a Mac user, I can help you create memory or holiday greeting videos that can be sent via e-mail or text.

I didn't grow up with computers. I was forced to change from a typewriter to a laptop while I was writing my dissertation. I know what it is like to learn about technology as an adult.

I am mostly self-taught in terms of technology, although I did take a course in online teaching and several professional development courses in a variety of areas in technology. I learned how to design and edit webpages on my own as part of my desire to promote my music teaching. I started incorporating technology into my performing and teaching, and I have presented clinics around the country on combining music and technology.

I have offered classes to adults at a local library, but I prefer one-to-one teaching. The most popular classes that I presented were on iPads/tablets, smartphones, and on photo organization.  

I am a very patient teacher and coach. I go through directions slowly, demonstrate slowly, and repeat steps several times. If I can't fix your problem, or if I don't help you out, I won't charge you a fee.

Click "play" to watch my YouTube video that features photographs of my mother while I play one of her favorite songs.