If you came to this page to read reviews, you must be thinking about taking piano lessons with me. Please read the following paragraphs about my teaching philosophy and teaching materials and then click on the links to read recent student reviews. You will then have a great idea about what it like to be one of my adult students.

I have had the pleasure of teaching several adult students who have started from the very beginning, and I use Alfred's Basic Adult All-in-One Courses: Lesson, Theory, Technic (click here to view book 1 of Alfred's Basic Adult Piano Courses as available on Amazon) I chose these particular books because they are written for adults who want to learn so much more than just how to read notes.  I use the same books with many of my students who already read music at one time or another, but have had a gap of a few or many years between piano playing experiences.

I believe in the value of knowing more than just the notes on the page. By using the Alfred books (there are several levels), I can weave the study of rhythm, chords, and scales into lessons. The music examples in the books start simple but progress to entertaining, varied, and challenging pieces of literature. Students can find recordings on YouTube of all of the pieces in the Alfred books. I don’t require students to listen to the recordings, but they can be helpful. 

I supplement lessons for all students with the music that each person wants to study, an introduction to lead sheet reading, and technical studies (scales and chordal exercises). 

In addition to having goals for my students to improve each month as musicians and pianists, I can work with students on recording projects and performance projects. My students never have to perform for anyone, but if they are interested, I am experienced as a performance coach, and I am experienced in music technology in terms of recoding, editing, arranging, and publishing music. 

Each position that I have had as a full-time college professor involved teaching classes of students about music reading, rhythmic reading, and performance. Each day of my teaching career I used the piano to demonstrate the best of musical practices. I play the piano professionally, and while I read music in all clefs and styles, my preferred method of playing is to read a lead sheet (melody with chord symbols - click here for a demonstration) and create my own arrangements. I intend to publish my own piano arrangements beginning in 2022.