2021 was an amazing year for my piano studio. My students have been achieving their goals of improving as pianists and musicians, and they have also been extremely creative in making their own arrangements, recording a CD, and performing at local venues. I am so thrilled to be teaching piano to adults. Each day that I work with my students, I am grateful and filled with joy to share my talents and teaching experience with other adults who love music.

"I have been taking piano lessons from Dr. Eileen Meyer since early 2020. I have played music by ear since I was a teenager and played Bass and Keyboards in Rock N Roll bands since that time. As a result, I was already familiar with chord structures, some theory and a little about reading music. I wanted to learn how to read music better and sightread faster. 

 Dr. Meyer is an excellent teacher. She determines the student's strong and weak points and takes it from there. Generally, she uses lesson books for beginners. She allows you to go at your own pace. Also, she is flexible about playing things other than what is in the books. 

In the fall of 2020, we worked on Christmas songs. She will also provide technical assistance.  During 2021 I started making some recordings and made a CD.  Eileen helped me with using a MAC to set up files and a folder of the songs. She also helped me in using two Digital Audio Workstations, Audacity and Garage Band, both of which were used to make the CD. 

I am reading music better and amazed at how many songs I have been playing since starting the lessons. I now can play many more songs reading music than I was able to in the past in trying to play music just by ear. I highly recommend Dr. Meyer."

David Bullard

"I started taking piano lessons with Eileen Meyer a year ago during the pandemic. It seemed like a good way to keep my mind active and improve my music skills. Dr. Meyer is a very patient teacher and chooses just the right material for each lesson. She has a wealth of musical knowledge and my lessons encompass traditional piano studies, scales, chords, and learning how to play lead sheets. Lessons are organized, yet flexible to accommodate any level or age of student. I highly recommend Dr. Eileen Meyer’s studio."

Sallia Bandy