My students of all ages are prepared for whatever they wish to do next, whether it is learning to read music, perform at a higher level, or learning more about music in general.  I love teaching, and I have been successful with students who wish to be professionals, who wish to perform for the love of it, and who wish to begin or begin again as adults. Here are some reviews from the year 2020:

Click here to enjoy my video with photographs of the Corpus Christi Bay and a beautiful transcription for harp and trombone

    "I have been taking lessons with Eileen Meyer since the beginning of 2020.  We met in her home prior to the pandemic and then continued via FaceTime in the months since March. That is working out very well.

I had lessons as a child for 3 years and then for over 20 years didn't even own a piano.  One of my goals for my retirement was to continue piano lessons.  When I saw Eileen's Rebootsmusic ad I gave her a call and have been excited to get back to the piano ever since.  

Eileen can quickly assess where you are musically, you both decide where you want to go and how you will  proceed.  She is smart, funny, and gently pushes you forward.  I'm very happy with my lessons and highly recommend Eileen to anyone thinking of picking up where they left off.   I'm sure you will be glad you did."

                                                              Mrs.  Mary Oliver

     “My high-school aged son has been working with Dr Meyer to strengthen his music theory skills and prepare for college auditions. She has structured his lessons to fit his learning style, and has greatly influenced his appreciation of music beyond just his instrument.”

                                                                   Mr. Laurence Wiland

     "Lessons with Dr. Meyer have been something I look forward to every week, especially during these stress-inducing CoVid times. Being an adult learner, I appreciate Dr. Meyer's understanding of my learning styles and spacing. She also has a way of explaining music theory concepts that is easy to understand and not overwhelming for someone who lacks the basic knowledge of music like me. I came to Dr. Meyer without knowing anything about music and 10 months later, I can play Over the Rainbow!"

                                                                  Dr. Hazel Nguyen