Here is a YouTube video I created with my photos and a live recording from a recital in Oregon  

My dog, Dali, is low-tech, but she has two good ears for music

I moved to Texas in 1995, and for 21 years I was a full-time, tenured university professor, first at Del Mar College, and then at Southwestern University. Now I enjoy teaching private music lessons at my home.

I grew up in Northwest Indiana, and graduated from Indiana University with an Bachelor of Music and Doctor of Music. I attended the University of Northern Iowa for my Master of Music degree. My primary instruments are euphonium, piano, and trombone.

In performance at a conference in Michigan

I am as fascinated with technology as I am with music.  I offer lessons on piano and brass, general music study, music recording, chord reading, and music arranging. In terms of technology, I offer assistance with phones, tablets, personal computers, photo organization, and with applications and programs.